Interview Techniques

Before the interview…

  • Review the LinkedIn company page, and Facebook page, for their latest postings and company developments
  • Check if they are on Glass Door and read their reviews
  • Search the company name to see if they’ve been mentioned in the media recently
  • Look at the company website, particularly the news section, client testimonials and the careers page. This will give you a good insight into how they operate and what it will be like working there. How do they engage with employees?

Obvious, but worth mentioning!

  • Check your journey/route
  • Never arrive late!
  • Switch off your mobile ‘phone before you enter the building
  • Always let the interviewer finish speaking before you answer
  • Avoid talking about work conflict and discrediting your current/previous employers
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer and smile as you greet them with a warm and firm handshake
  • Take your time answering questions, speak clearly and at a steady pace

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