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All you need to know about the history of Cameo Consultancy.

When did Cameo start trading and where?

We started Cameo in April 2010, just the two of us and an exciting future ahead of us. Having the right office, in the right location was important. We wanted an office which was more rurally based as it offered more privacy to our candidates and clients, and also free parking. Sugarswell was the ideal solution, beautiful rolling countryside, a wonderful community spirit and perfectly situated on the border of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.

What won’t people necessarily know about Cameo?

The main fact people wouldn’t necessarily know is we started Cameo in the height of the recession, with just a phone, laptop, empty database, and the shell of an office. We knew we had a tough challenge ahead of us to establish ourselves in a competitive market, however we had both worked within the industry for many years and experienced the fluidity of recruitment, so we knew where to place our focus from day one.

Why is Cameo called “Cameo”?

The name of our business was exceptionally important to us – we love our name! We wanted it to be easy to pronounce, spell and remember (most importantly!), but also filled with values which are important to us, such as, strength, tradition, and belief.

Most people remember a traditional Cameo brooch, which was popular many years ago with family members – a family treasure. We loved the idea of the Cameo brooch having a hand-carved face, as our business is all about people, it sits on a lapel of a jacket, close to your heart, it has an opinion of quality which is one of Cameo’s four values.

Corporate Colours - Black, White and “Cameo” Green

We recognise the world is about opposites, candidate/client, right/wrong, yes/no, north/south, up/down, left/right, etc. In the recruitment industry, we are dealing with people, and one certain fact is no two people are the same.

Although we work alongside and adhere to important legislation, which is black and white, we feel Cameo brings a “fresh approach” with a modern spin on traditional values and a new vision to areas which may seem black and white – hence why we chose “Cameo” green.