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Sector:  IT


Training/CRM/Marketing Administrator - Banbury | £24,000 | Available Immediately (Ref: 3145)

*MS Dynamics* *PowerBI* Advanced Excel* *WordPress*

Candidate Skills:

  • Development of CRM rollouts
  • Training users, sales, marketing, and finance
  • Report writing and data analysis using Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel & PowerBI
  • Composing reports from Microsoft Dynamics using JET
  • Press releases for promotional events
  • Form and process documentation creation
  • Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation
  • Event marketing, campaign and strategy development using pay-per-click - use of Hubspot, Google Analytics and other digital marketing tools
  • IT & Web Design using basic HTML and CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver and web based CMS such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.
  • Macro editing for Microsoft Excel
  • Social media presence development

A rare and unique administrator with a plethora of skills to offer, highly recommended for any company looking for analytical, technical, and creative needs. Due to redundancy they are immediately available and keen to find an opportunity within an exciting, ever changing or growing company. Dedicated hard-working individual who loves being super busy.



Data Analyst - Warwickshire | £42,000 | Available Immediately (Ref: 8356)

Technical Skills:

Languages:          Python 3.6, SQL, UML 2.0, XML, VBA, HTML, JavaScript

Databases:          MS SQL Service, MS Access, Google BigQuery

Utilities/Tools:   BigQuery Web, Console, Google Cloud SDK, PowerBI Desktop, Visio, Google Analytics

BI Tools:               PowerBI, PowerBI Service, Tableau Desktop, Google Data Studio, MS Excel

Cloud Tech:        Google, Dataflow, Dataproc, Dataprep, Tensorflow

Key skills:             KPI Dashboard, Business Intelligence, Process/Data flow modelling 'Project of the Year' and 'Best

7 years’ experience, meticulous & detail-oriented Systems Data Engineer processing in-depth experience of software development, business systems, data analysis. Adept in Power BI, Tableau, Python, SQL, Advanced, Excel and Goodge BigQuery. Expert in designing process flow, system requirements specification


Data Scientist - Oxfordshire | £37,000 |1-3 Month's Notice (Ref: 8418)

Key Skills:

  • Skilled in machine learning and deep learning using python data science packages for example, scikitlearn, PyTorch, Keras and TensorFlow
  • Strong knowledge in different variants of artificial neural networks, including CNN, RNN, LSTM
  • Expertise in SQL (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL), and no SQL (Cassandra Query Language, Apache Solr)
  • Skilled in data analysis and visualization using python and MATLAB
  • Experienced in analysing, pre-processing different types of datasets structured, semi and unstructured data
  • Expertise in building web application in python using Django Web API
  • Skilled in programming languages - Python R, MATLAB, C++, C#, Java
  • Shell programming experience with Bash, strong command-line
  • Advanced MS Office applications Visio, Project, Outlook
  • Experienced with operating systems Linux OS, Android and Windows

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