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June 2022

Salary increases are still not in line with inflation

Despite eye-watering price rises which show no sign of easing, salary increases are still not in line with inflation.... Read more

Annual leave is not fully used by the majority of workers

A staggering 69 percent of workers do not take all their annual leave, according to data by RotaCloud. Across all... Read more

Skills shortage is seeing graduate salaries soar

Amidst the skills shortage, May 2022 saw 14,690 graduate job vacancies advertised across the UK, according to new... Read more

Increased workload and decreased profitability: what needs to change?

UK organisations are experiencing the knock-on effect of ongoing skills shortages and recruitment challenges, as... Read more

85% of staff are facing burnout

In a report by British software provider Advanced, 85 percent of respondents admitted that employees are working extra... Read more