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Accounting Case Study

Number of Employees: 96

Industry Sector: Accountancy


Why Cameo?

We have a really good working relationship with Cameo and Hannah Nicholls in particular. She knows exactly the sort of candidates I’m looking for and only ever sends me quality candidates.

She is by far my favourite recruiter I work with!

Cameo's Style

Cameo is friendly and helpful as well as thorough in their approach to recruitment. They understand the market and the local area so are able to find me the best candidates.

They are easy to work with because they take the time to really understand my roles rather than just sending me endless irrelevant CVs.


  • Admin
  • Accountancy
  • Marketing


Too many benefits to name! But mainly that I trust Hannah to only send me the best, if I get a CV from her, I know it’s going to be a good one. They are also respectful of our decisions, if I turn a candidate down, they do not argue with me that I am wrong but respect my reasoning and keep searching for more suitable candidates. Basically, I love working with Cameo and in particular love working with Hannah! In my opinion, 100% the best local recruiter I know.


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