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Distribution/Retail Case Study

Company: Kärcher

Number of Employees: 320

Industry Sector: Distribution / Retail

Why Cameo?

We required a local consultancy to serve our requirements at our HQ. Cameo’s approach was very professional from the start, they were keen to visit us and get to understand our organisational structure, meet key managers, spend some time with them to get a “feel” for their department and the type of candidates we were looking for.

Cameo's Style

Very professional, strong attention to detail, keep to deadlines, provide high quality candidates, all the team good communicators, excellent customer service.


  • Customer Service
  • Retail / Professional and Service Departments
  • HR


In short – all of the aforementioned.

We have a long term relationship with Cameo that I have no doubt will continue, they understand our business and our requirements and they provide an excellent service.


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