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It’s 2021 - Your New Job is on the Horizon!

What a year of emotion – or should we say the year of the “Corona-coaster”, as many refer to 2020. With changes to our working lives, the employment market certainly was hit hard. The economy and recruitment dropped like a stone with mass redundancies, many businesses having to reshape and teams working solely working from home. Parents of children at a young age were also really hit hard, with limited childcare options.

Those people who were fortunate to find a role during 2020, (some) haven’t even physically met their work colleagues and employers - this in itself is a huge challenge, and plenty are also finding they are working much longer hours with increased online meetings.

Some of the businesses who have survived and bounced back have adapted their technology and processes to allow for remote working. This means we all have to change, and we all have to be flexible to accommodate the new “normal” in office working.

The good news is what goes down must come up, so as the economy carries on rising it will bring more jobs, more opportunities, and a strong economy – win, win… right?!

For 2021, if you are looking for a new job you need to firstly to find a huge dollop of motivation, positivity and take a deep breath, try, and put 2020 behind you as much as you can and concentrate on a New Year, new you, new job. You are going to find a new role – repeat: YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. FIND. A. NEW. ROLE!

Top Tips

  1. Diversify your networking, referrals and contacts are a great way to find a new role
  2. Look at your LinkedIn presence, make it the best it can be, and it matched your CV
  3. Be flexible, there are going to be many hybrid roles over the next few years, you will need to diversify and be prepared to juggle many plates
  4. Get creative
  5. It’s obvious, and you hear this all the time, but look at your CV again are you sure it’s good enough – speak to your consultant if you are not sure
  6. Make sure you tailor your CV to each role you apply for
  7. Check the companies who are growing, and follow their activity and news
  8. Register with a great recruitment agency like Cameo, form a relationship with your dedicated consultant and let them get to know you. You are far more than a CV – you are YOU and that is your superpower!

Finally, to leave you with a massive positive…

The below link shows you the UK hiring activity to be back to “normal” levels as early as January 2020 – Hooray to this!

Good luck, we’re here if/when you need us 💚

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