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Stress Awareness Tips

Low-stress levels = happy employees = high productivity!

Considering work is a leading cause of stress, it is now something employers need to take seriously... Statistics show there are around 400,000 cases of work-related stress in Great Britain each year, accounting for nearly 11 million working days lost  – on average that’s over a month for each case!

There are lots of ways, as an employer, you can try to de-stress your staff at work. Here's a selection of our favourite top 10 tips:

1) Encourage Worker Connections - Find a common goal, such a charity event to bring colleagues together
2) Promote Rest - People who skimp on sleep due to work worries, or work pressures, typically find it interferes with daytime productivity
3) Look for Humour in the Situation - When used appropriately, humour is a great way to relieve stress in the workplace. When you or those around you start taking things too seriously, find a way to lighten the mood by sharing a joke or funny story

4) Clarify Job Descriptions - Be clear with employees regarding what you are expecting from them. Allow them to share where they have been putting in work over and above the parameters of their job and may need support
5) Resist Perfectionism - Setting unrealistic goals can mean setting team members up to fall short. Promote "doing your best", no one can ask for more than that!

6) Exercise - Encourage group exercise sessions such as football, yoga or sponsored runs etc.

7) Giving Back - Employees can feel more empowered and worthwhile when they are supporting a good cause
8) Encourage Awareness - Learn to empower your team to not only manage and reduce stress but to thrive, both inside and outside of work. It is everyone’s responsibility to increase awareness of stress triggers to prevent burnout
9) Offer Rewards and Incentives - Praise good work performance verbally and organisation-wide, show your team members they are valued and appreciated and job stress is taken seriously

10) Boost Morale - Be sure to set aside time each month to celebrate your company culture wins. This shows real recognition and improves employee engagement and raises workplace pride.

In summary, remember we all become stressed from time to time. Always be aware of this and when you see it coming, do everything you can to help the individual concerned.


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