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Do you live up to your brand?

Why do so few staff feel their employer lives up to its brand?

Aligned employees are more likely to remain at their employer for more than a year (77%), or go the extra mile in their job by putting in more effort than is required (54%).

This headline and article caught our eye this week; it naturally makes you reflect and digest your own brand to ensure, as an employer, your messaging and values internally marry up with your external messaging. At Cameo, brand, messaging, values and communication are exceptionally important, particularly when coupled with consistency.

New research shows that only 19% of employees globally think their experience of their employer matches up to the brand image it sends out.

Balance and consistency are the key to most things in life, however in a more challenging employment market where unemployment is so low, consistency with brand and messaging plays an intrinsic and powerful part in retaining staff and reaching new employees. From the moment a candidate notices a job advert, through to the process you have in place for receiving submitted CVs, or waiting in a reception area before their interview starts, they are noticing every move you make. They also notice who you choose to represent you as a recruitment agency. We have said it before, however, a recruitment agency is a custodian of your brand, multi-agency engagement therefore may seem like a good idea for casting your net far and wide, but it is potentially risking your brand being weakened by mixed messaging and communication - choose wisely!

More than half of employees who felt their employer’s image lived up to the reality knew their organisation’s goals for the future. Increased productivity and retention make that investment worthwhile, and you’ll see the benefits to the bottom line.

Do your team know your company's goals for the future? Are your employees empowered by your brand? At Cameo we respect the importance of brand and consistency, as well as being a safe pair of hands to look after you and your business, whether this may be in a recruitment and/or training capacity.

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