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The Importance of Communication During Your Job Search

Communication works both ways.

We have said before, looking for a job can be hard work, even more so if you are already in a role. BUT, it doesn't have to be! Communication can make everything flow more smoothly, and expectations can be managed far more accurately.

So, you're looking for a new job - you have updated your CV, got a draft cover letter ready and updated your LinkedIn profile. You begin applying for roles and then there is that space of time when you’re waiting to hear from recruiters and/or prospective employees. At this stage, it’s important to make yourself accessible.

Mobile – do you have a voicemail on your mobile? If not, add one. You will then not miss anyone, if you are called for interview.

Personal Contact Details: Check your mobile number and email address on your CV are up to date and correct. Also, a basic request, but remember to ensure your email address is professional for job applications!

Questions: Ask questions about the job, the company, AND the culture. Any question big or small is good to ask, it shows you are interested, considered, and engaged with the process. You spend a lot of time at work, therefore learning as much as you can about the company and culture before making that move is important. It will ensure the opportunity aligns with your personal values and career goals.

How is Best to Contact You? When in process with a job let the recruiter know how it is best to contact you, this will enable communication to be quicker and easier. Text, email, call, WhatsApp – whichever method is easiest, just say.

Keeping in Touch: As a recruiter, I keep in contact with candidate(s) throughout the whole recruitment process and also keep in touch regularly with my client(s). It is crucial to keep the lines of communication open, as things can progress and/or change really quickly. If you are in process with one job and get invited for interview with another, let me know. If you are offered a job whilst in process with another position, again, let me know. A call or email to say you are no longer available/ interested or your circumstances have changed will take a few moments and won’t burn bridges!

Follow Up: Once you have had the interview always follow up – give feedback to the recruiter to feedback to the client. If you have applied direct for a job, sending an email to the interviewer shows you remain engaged with the process, you care, and are keen on a positive outcome.

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