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Five important factors to consider when hiring

  1. Have you secured sign off on the role? It may sound an obvious first point, however as a recruiter we see this problem arise time and time again – lots of time is invested in advertising roles, engaging recruiters, carrying out searches, organising interviews, candidates attending interviews and putting other offers/opportunities on hold whilst waiting to hear from you, only to be told there isn’t budget for the position, or there has been an internal restructure. Whether you have engaged with a recruiter or whether you have decided to carry out the recruitment process yourself, wasted time costs money, let alone costing you your reputation with a disgruntled candidate!
  2. Do you really know what’s happening in the candidate market place?  If you are looking for specific industry specialists with immediate availability, or you’re simply thinking “I just want more choice through lots of CVs”, think again! The majority of people you want are sitting patiently within the passive market. How are you engaging with them? What are you doing to make them want to apply for your job? This brings me on to my next point…
  3. How do you attract passive job seekers? This is a very pertinent question, it’s the golden nugget of information all employers (and some recruiters!) want to know. For a full insight into this topic, perhaps you need to book on to a Cameo training course where all this information is explained in far greater detail. Yes, I appreciate it may seem a shameless plug but as a recruitment partner we are not just about the “fee”. Yes, we’re a business, but we see more value in working with you in partnership to explore all avenues in a well-informed manner and, in turn, secure you the best talent. It deserves far more time and attention than a sentence or two! Don’t worry, there is a way to tap into the passive market (plenty actually!), but few are successful when explored incorrectly. Contact us to discuss this further (01295 680800).
  4. What is your company “Why” One successful element of attracting new employees (passive and active) is through knowing, discussing and demonstrating your company “why” – why did you start your business? Why are you different to others? Why should someone choose your company over your competitor? People want to know who they are working for and what your purpose is. It’s that simple. Your “why” was, and is, driven by your emotions and gut feeling, it’s why you do what you do - this level of engagement and advertising is so much more fruitful than a job spec or job advert to a job seeker. Just think, in a dog-eat-dog business world where everyone wants everything “now!”, you can soon find yourself operating in a robotic style running through the motions to get things done, however as an employer you’re missing the importance and relevance of engaging with people through human emotion, encapsulating their personal motivators in your vision and joining forces to make a stronger and more united team. Everyone is driven by emotion, (whether they acknowledge it or not!); how powerful and effective could it be in your business to share your appetite and have people not only working for their dreams, but for yours too – you never know, your team may have the same passions as you! As unfathomable as it may seem, not everyone will naturally want to work for you. However, to stand a chance within a competitive recruitment arena, securing the best talent (not someone whose skills “sort of fit”), it’s about choosing, and listening to, industry experts and being interested in changes you need to make within your processes to deliver the results you want. People want to know who they are going to work for, they want to know what to expect if they leave their current comfortable workplace which has served them well over the past months/years. They want to feel safe and empowered. We know candidates are in demand, therefore it’s no surprise companies are trying to retain staff. What are you doing to attract new employees to your business? A good salary and benefits alone don’t cut it anymore. Knowing your “why” and sharing your story is a great place to start – and it doesn’t have to cost anything! Looking for inspiration, here is a link to help you find your “why” - (Simon Sinek).
  5. Are you being real? Are you being realistic? As much as working with a recruiter means you can ask for a left-handed unicorn, as we have direct routes of access with most contacts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we will find one!  Granted, we are asked for a lot of unusual must-haves on CVs and we will do our utmost to deliver, but we have to be realistic with you and manage your expectations and safe guard our invested time. Are you being real with your recruiter – sharing all parts of the role (good and bad), what onboarding plan do you have in place, which avenues are you exploring already, or have you explored? Are you open to honest feedback and considering different skillsets, if your first choice isn’t available? Are you being realistic with timescales and salary expectations? All of these questions are paramount when embarking on your recruitment journey – it’s not just a case of, “How many people do you have on your books?”.  As a recruiter we work hard behind the scenes, meeting new talent as soon as they hit the job market, engaging with passive seekers, having meaningful and powerful conversations with candidates sharing their “why”, working on new innovative ways to reach that “golden candidate” before your competitors get to them, not forgetting managing their availability, their engagement with you and your role, and so much more! We are a business too and time is precious, more importantly however, so are people. Don’t try to undercut, pay people what they are worth and be considerate of their time too, don’t leave it too long before you give feedback on an interview or make a decision.
  6. Are you working with the right people? It is important you work with the best industry professionals where CVs are more likely to be generated from their finely tuned, current, candidate network, not a post and pray advertising campaign. Not all recruiters are after the big win and to see how much they can charge for an introduction, there are plenty of us out there who respect and work tirelessly for a mutually valuable partnership. If you don’t see value in your recruiter, why are you working with them? Experienced recruiters are full of knowledge and advice to help your recruitment process be successful, if they aren’t being forthcoming with solutions and ideas and producing relevant CVs, they probably aren’t the best partners for you. Let’s be clear, in a limited candidate market, a good recruiter may only have one or two CVs to forward to you, however these should be right for your business. Volume of CVs doesn’t automatically mean quality. A recruitment partnership should be fluid, honest, respectful and victorious for all parties.

So, what are you going to do when you next recruit? Before answering these questions, I’m sure you’re still trying to decipher your “why”. Perhaps you should ask your team to explain what they think is the company “why” - I would hazard a guess and say it probably won’t be 100% in line with your “why”, not many peoples are. If it isn’t, don’t worry, it is just telling you that you need to share more, and ensure the company vision and messaging is still in line with your gut feel, your instinctive this-is-why-I-wanted-to-start-a-business, “why”.  Retaining staff with your “why” is just as important as attracting new recruits to your team.  Although we may be nearing full employment, let’s remember (and be real!), things change, people change, the economy changes, situations change, but rather than being a reactive part of this changing process and making do, let’s encourage open communication, realistic goals, trusted business partnerships, and let’s share, support and promote each other’s “why” - we all have them! Need help in finding your why? Cameo can help you. We’ll happily share our “why” with you too.

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