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Two thirds of office workers are distracted by less tech-savvy colleagues

New research conducted by Crucial reveals 62% of the UK workforce are distracted by less tech-savvy coworkers. In London and Edinburgh, employees spend 17 minutes a day solving IT problems for others. Office workers in Plymouth lose the least time, donating only 9 minutes a day.

The most frequent complaints are a PC or program running slowly (46%), a PC or program crashing (38%), not being able to connect to the internet (24%), and losing unsaved work (24%). The two most common resolutions are calling IT support (32%) and turning it off and on again (28%).

Jonathan Weech, Crucial SSD Sr. Product Marketing Manager and impartial commentator, had this to say:

“Slow technology not only wastes time and money but it can be incredibly frustrating. In fact, recent Crucial research found that one in five Brits has a temper tantrum once a week due to slow technology. PCs running slowly, programmes crashing and screens freezing are all avoidable problems.”

Interestingly, just one in five British office workers admit to being one of the less tech-savvy colleagues. 

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