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Why qualifications don’t need to be the most important driver

I have a good friend, who after thirty years progressing his career with one company (a significant, global brand), is now looking for a new challenge. He turned to me for advice and one of the first things he said was “all I have is experience. I don’t have any formally recognised training/qualifications”.

This is a common perception and whilst it’s true that some organisations will short-list by qualification, particularly those with online recruitment portals, or specialist roles, the vast majority of companies are keen to know you can ‘do the job’ and ‘fit in with how they do business’.

This is why, time and time again, we see the strongest candidate on paper being overlooked in favour of the person who demonstrated at interview they have the right credentials and approach.

Here are my top three tips to help build your personal credibility within your CV and at the interview:

1. Mention any particular processes, systems, or methodologies you have worked with

2. Share case studies of how you have carried out relevant key tasks or projects

3. Bespoke every application to ensure you showcase your suitability for the role

The key is to demonstrate a good combination of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding!

A study of hiring new employees found 67% of the most desired attributes were EI (Emotional Intelligence) competencies.

A study comparing average managers with outstanding managers found that 90% of the difference was accounted for by EI.

References: Thomas International Media EI vs. IQ what’s the data saying.

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