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Could your recruitment process be holding you back?

I know this is an age old argument, but in a candidate led market could your process be the reason you miss out on top talent?

Recently CV Library ran a study of their applicants and 79% of applicants are not willing to compromise on what is important to them.

Lee Biggins from CV Library commented to say, "It became clear from our findings that professionals have high expectations when it comes to the recruitment process, making it important for businesses to get it right! From ensuring that job adverts accurately portray the role, to good communication throughout the process, candidates know what they want."

It is not rocket science, however there are some very simple rules to follow that will ensure you are attracting the top talent and making the right hires.

Clear Job Description:

Don’t fall at the first hurdle. One fifth of workers revealed that they are put off by unclear job descriptions, meaning businesses are at risk of losing great candidates right from the very start of the application process. Candidates are searching with a very strict set of criteria in mind and they want to see this laid out in the job advert. The search can be long, and they don’t have time to try and decode every advert they read, so if they don’t understand the role or what you’re offering at a glance, they’ll likely move straight over to the next application There are some very easy ways to make sure you meet this;

Don't over complicate the advert - Writing long lists of skills and experience can out candidates off (we are British and always doubt ourselves).

Salary - Make sure you put a salary on the advert, as I said it is not rocket science but what does negotiable mean?? Even if you are giving a broad range of salary give the candidates something to get excited about.

Be proud of the brand - Barclay Jones recently ran a study on the importance of adding your name to the advert. Across the adverts they surveyed where the companies name was added they saw a 33% increase in applications where the brand was on the advert. If you use agencies this does not change, you do however have to show the loyalty you would expect from your clients and choose the right agents that can offer guidance and support in the search.

Set aside time:

In today’s culture, everyone is used to having things almost instantly, and it’s clear that this feeling is often carried through into the job search. According to CV library one in 10 workers said that they would be put off a role that has a lengthy recruitment process so it’s important to consider whether yours might be too long and how this might risk the candidate dropping out half way through, resulting in a loss of time and resources on a failed hire. Not only that, but you may have lost a potentially great candidate. Again it is not rocket science but make sure you follow these rules;

Set time frames for the hire - ASAP doesn't work, if you are hiring know when you will be ready as you don't want to lose a candidate. It is all well and good finding the right candidate but if you do not have the resources and support set aside to onboard the candidate don't rush it or you risk losing them after the hard work has been done.

Respond to applications - Don't fall in the lazy option of putting if you haven't heard from us by ... then unfortunately blah blah blah.... Put yourself on the other foot and think about how you would feel. I get there are candidates that make you question whether they have read the job description or are just chancing their arm but it takes 10 seconds to respond and wouldn't you want to know?

Don't waste time - You need to allocate the time to make things happen, if you want someone make a decision don't leave the CV on your desk for a week and think "I'll get round to it" because unless you are in the same leagues as Amazon or Facebook the candidate is not going wait. One of the biggest frustrations I get from candidates is "I applied a few weeks ago and still waiting to hear". If they do not hear (and I am sure you would be the same) they will start to question if they want to work for you and you are starting on the back foot. Not to mention a good candidate will be speaking to multiple people.

Candidates do speak their mind:

Branding is really important when it comes to attracting new candidates and there are a whole range of tools out there for them to share their experiences. If they have a particularly bad time during the recruitment process with your company, whether that be a lengthy interview process or poor communication, they can share their blunders with other candidates. This could deter other job hunters from applying for roles in your company and research shows that 1 in 10 will already auto reject a business that has a bad reputation and with reviews becoming more prevalent in decision making this is only going to rise.

And finally, if a candidate is so put off by their experience with you, this could have a knock on effect to other aspects of the business. For example, they may not just turn the job down, but they may also refrain from buying or using your products in the future. Possibly even convincing others to do the same.

In Summary:

As mentioned throughout, it is not rocket science but it does take time! That's why there are specialists there to help. If you want to discuss further or see how a consultative and professional approach to recruitment can ensure you get the right candidates and build the brand then get in touch with me.


 Ben Townsend | Recruitment Consultant (Finance & Operations) - 01295 688859

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