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Am I Employable?

As a Recruitment Consultant, I speak with several candidates on a daily basis. Yesterday, I was speaking with a candidate who had decided to look for a new role, they had been with their current company for a number of years and were feeling a little disillusioned; their confidence had been knocked. I was in the exact same place four years ago; I could empathise exactly with how the candidate was feeling. I was working in a role that was making me feel unhappy and I was losing my confidence - for those who know me personally, this is probably a surprising statement to read… Karen, not feeling confident?! But I truthfully questioned myself and abilities.

A member of the Cameo team contacted me, and I came in to register. During the meeting I asked the question, “Am I employable?”, this was honestly how I felt at the time. The Consultant answered, “Yes, of course!”.  I joined Cameo four years ago and the rest is history! I’ve had four years of looking forward to coming into work every day (and still do!), I love what I do, making a difference, helping introduce people into roles where they are happy. I want everyone to feel the same about their job as I do about mine. Candidates become clients and clients become candidates, it doesn’t make a difference where we start our journey together.

I understand looking for a new job is daunting, making the decision to search is the first and hardest step… What will I be able to do? Who will I work for? Come and talk to me, I can help.

Karen Crook | Senior Consultant - Business Office Support

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