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Why Cameo?

We are Recruitment Experts

Here at Cameo, we are all experts within Recruitment. We each specialise in specific sectors, given our experience and backgrounds in particular industries, mine being Sales & Marketing.

We specialise in attracting, sourcing, nurturing and negotiating the best people for your business; with access to not only active, but passive candidates too; meaning you have access to talent no one else does.

"You'll have access to talent no one else does."

Time is Money

Working with Cameo will not only save you money, but also time. Cameo will take care of the whole process, from the initial steps right the way through to retaining your staff. Goodbye to hours of sifting through CVs, creating attractive adverts, sourcing candidates and arranging interviews - we've got this covered for you!

"We'll eliminate time spent on recruiting, allowing you to focus on growing your business."


We appreciate one service doesn’t fit all, that's why we offer a array of services depending on your business needs, budgets and culture.

  • Permanent & Interim Recruitment
  • Temporary Recruitment
  • Employ Direct - Job Board Advertising
  • Training & Coaching
  • Value added services including; HR Guidance, Skill Gap Analysis, Psychometrics, Salary Benchmarking and much more!

What does fit all is our honesty, passion and experience in the industry.

"A flexible recruitment service to fit your business needs, budget and culture."

If you're looking for a Recruitment Partner who can help you to grow your business, save you time & money, alongside sourcing you the best talent in the market, then let's talk!

Written by Natasha Gething - Senior Consultant | Sales & Marketing

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