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Should employers spill the beans on interview questions, prior to interview?

We’ve got a question for you!

Recently, John Lewis Partnership, started sharing their interview questions ahead of time to help jobseekers feel more prepared and confident.

Here's a quick summary of what they're doing:

Transparent Process:

 John Lewis Partnership has published the job interview questions candidates might be asked on its careers site.

Supportive Approach:

They want jobseekers to feel more comfortable and encourage applications by outlining their recruitment process and the values they seek in employees.

Preparation Aid:

The company shares a range of questions to help potential recruits prepare examples demonstrating how they meet the criteria.

Inclusive Benefits:

This transparency particularly benefits neurodivergent individuals but is also aimed at a broad range of candidates who might feel daunted by the recruitment process.

Business Sense:

Lorna Bullett, the talent acquisition lead, emphasized that this approach helps candidates better showcase their abilities, ensuring a good fit for the role.


To read the full article, it can be found here: John Lewis publishes job interview questions to aid preparation - Personnel Today

So, what do you think? Should employers reveal interview questions in advance?

Yes or No? Any thoughts to share on this?

Thanks for your input, we love hearing from you.


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