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Is your social media profile private?

Stop! Before you press "enter" on your next social media post, remember 7 in 10 employers now check the social media of candidates before interviewing/hiring, but only a third of job seekers believe this will actually happen.

Whether you love or loathe social media, the usage of platforms has rocketed over the last decade and privacy seems to have disappeared too! Many people tell their life stories, post photos, statements about yourself or others and although it is your social media profile, PLEASE ask yourself whether your page, statements, photos will help or hinder your job search.

There's no need to delete your social media profile, but it is important to consider making your profiles as private as possible and it would be advisable for you to refrain from posting anything you wouldn't want current or prospective employers to see. #WeAreCameo #RecruitmentExperts

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