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REC Labour and Skills Shortages

During 2019, on average three quarters of employers reported they had little or no capacity to take on more work without needing to hire additional staff. Meanwhile, their concern over the availability of permanent staff rose, year-on-year, from 46% to 52% (JobsOutlook Oct 2019). Recruitment and employment consultancies have also signalled a sustained fall in overall candidate availability in the third quarter, with the former seeing the steeper rate of reduction.  Shortages, particularly in sectors such as Health & Social Care, IT and Hospitality, put a considerable strain on businesses.

In such unsettled times, the recruitment industry has proven it has a vital role to play in addressing heightened business concerns, supporting employers in planning their workforce effectively and identifying new opportunities.

The industry will continue to do so in 2020 and support the long-term health of the UK jobs market.

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