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Lack of feedback" is the no.1 bugbear for job-seekers

"Lack of feedback" is the no. 1 bugbear for job-seekers

Do you take time to give feedback to candidates? If yes, well done and a high five to you! If not, you should be. "I'm too busy" is not a reason, it's an excuse.

Candidates invest a lot of time in researching companies and applying for the right roles, let alone preparing for interviews. When they don't receive any feedback or they have a "thank you, but no thank you" response, this generates feelings of injustice, confusion, upset, worthlessness, frustration and disappointment. Worst of all, seeing as recommendation is vital to all businesses, can you afford to risk an unhappy candidate talking to friends and family about the lack of care they've experienced from your company? This would be a commercial disaster!

Please note, it isn't just at interview stage candidates aren't receiving feedback - it's at CV/application stage too. Yes, you're the employer, yes, you're the one taking the considered chance on someone to make a difference in your business, but what would happen if you didn't have any applications? What would happen to your business without having great hires in your team? Presumably, you'll see very happy and smug competitors.

Our research was carried out on candidates within our network regarding their personal job search, here's what they had to say...

Top five bugbears

  1. Lack of feedback - "I never hear back from employers and feel like an inconvenience when I ask"

  2. Lack of understanding that some candidates want a less pressured role - "you're over qualified", "it won't be enough for you",
    "you'll get bored"

  3. Pace of process - slow, prolonged, "we're just seeing a couple of late entries", clearly they don't care!

  4. Salary - "unrealistic expectations - high skill set vs low pay" 

  5. Lack of awareness from employers that it's a two way process - "I attended an interview and apart from my own research I carried out, all I experienced was a meeting room and standard competency questions. They didn't share anything about their team or why I should choose them. Even if I'm offered, I'll be saying no"

Giving feedback will firstly result in satisfying candidate expectations, it will secondly give them the chance to improve on their next interview, and thirdly it will protect your reputation for being a  considered employer and an employer of choice.

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