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Top Tips for Job Hunting

1. Get organised!

Being organised is an important part of the job hunting process, at the start, middle and end. Before you start searching and applying for jobs, or even attending interviews, make sure you create a process, or a system, that works for you and helps you keep on top of things. Some people say they have a simple spreadsheet which helps them keep a track of the jobs they've applied for, dates for interviews, tasks for interviews or even where they are in the application process etc. A spreadsheet is a great tool to look at, at the end of the process and see where your efforts have been invested and rewarded.

2. Who do you know?

Recommendation has a really high result for positive outcomes - hiring managers would typically prefer to interview candidates who are a recommendation. Ask yourself, who do I know who could help me? Having a network of contacts you can speak with and call upon for advice, guidance, or "put in a good word" are all positive steps. Networking is now not only something you do in person but more and more people are using online platforms too. Remember, a contact can be anyone who you know - family, friends, friends of friends, past employers, colleagues.

3. Don’t limit yourself to online applications only

If you rely purely on submitting your CV online, the chances are you could be looking for a job for a very long time. Adverts stay live even if the company is in process at final interview stage, as nothing is certain until the offer has been made and accepted. So, when investing your time, remember invest your time wisely. Contact the recruitment company directly and discuss the role, or if the company isn't working with a recruitment agency, contact internal recruiters and ask them about the application process timeline. It's a good idea to try to be known to the people who might influence you getting your foot in the door.

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