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Are you driving change in your business?

2018 was a year which injected focus on the topic and debate of gender diversity in the workplace. With movements and campaigns such as "Me Too" and "Time's Up", as well as gender pay gap reporting with larger companies, improving gender diversity is not only important and the right thing to do, but it's great for business too.

Many companies appreciate the relevance of the debate and the theory, but some don't know what to do next and how to make enough of a difference within their business.

With Cameo being accredited by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation in London, our Directors being Fellowship status, and the team all being Associate status, this means we have access to the latest news and recruitment information and can stay ahead of the curve.

The REC has recently provided us with eight questions for our clients, which are to challenge and drive change. If you are looking to put theory into practice, read these questions and think how they could apply to you and your business:

  1. Are your business values reflected in the Company's culture, brand and communication?
  2. Are you attracting female candidates to apply for the role?
  3. Is your business a champion of flexible working?
  4. Is your business a champion of enhanced maternity and paternity leave?
  5. Are you confident that the selection criteria used to screen candidates are transparent, impartial and fair?
  6. Do you focus more on experience or on skills and potential of your workforce?
  7. Are hiring managers properly trained and the interview panel diverse in composition?
  8. Do you regularly monitor under-representation in your organisation?

Simple questions don't always have easy solutions, but they will alert you to the areas in your business which need reviewing, restructuring or some further focus.

Cameo are recruitment experts - for anything you may need regarding hiring or retention, (as we offer recruitment and training/coaching), we have you covered!

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