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10 most annoying office phrases

Are you guilty of any of these phrases? Perhaps now's the time to think of a new phrase which doesn't put you in the centre of office jargon wind ups!

They say, "Some of the most popular buzzwords and phrases are meant to encourage, but the message often gets lost in translation as many simply don't know what the phrases like "square the circle" are actually supposed to mean Other are just frustrated at hearing the same tired old phrases over and over again".

The top, and highest voted, annoying office jargon phrase of 2018 in a poll of more than 100 IT and business professionals is: "Give 110 per cent".

The full list is as follows:

1. Give 110%

2. Blue sky thinking

3. Low hanging fruit

4. Synergize

5. Outside the box

6. Square the circle

7. Ecosystem

8. Atomize

9. Bleeding edge

10. A lot of moving parts

"Previous research by independent job board CV Library revealed that 70 per cent of workers would like to scrap buzzwords completely.  Meanwhile 74 per cent of people said they believe colleagues only use buzzwords in order to sound more intelligent".

The next time you find yourself in the murky water of "blue sky thinking" and/or thinking "outside the box", stop, take a moment and remember, you don't need buzz words to validate your thinking or your choices. Be you. Be proud. Be jargon free!

Article: Daily Mail

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