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Updating Your CV

Now is a great time to ensure your CV is updated and ready. Yes, the job market is recovering from COVID, yes, furlough continues and yes, the majority of companies are planning their recovery comeback, but it won't be long before things readjust, our new normal is cemented and more jobs start to become available.

The REC in London is predicting 2021 will see an increase in new career opportunities, both to join a new employer and promoting internal staff - either way, it's great news! Don't wait for 2021 to look for a new job, start now and be ahead of the curve. As soon as business resumes and more roles become available, don't be last to the CV update party. Your efforts now will see you reap the rewards!

If you're registered with Cameo, or would like to register with Cameo, please ensure we have:

  • An updated CV
  • Updated job search criteria - hours, permanent / temporary
  • Updated contact information

Although every CV needs to be created individually to suit the role you're apply for, if you need some direction/support/help with this, we have created a Cameo CV template for you to use as a foundation for you to build upon. Remember, we are here to help you and work with you. Use our industry expertise and knowledge to help fine tune your CV - we'd love to hear from you! Simply email it to

For a Cameo CV Template, click here


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