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Let's Talk About Digital Presence

With the job market being a whirlwind currently in the UK for employers and candidates, it’s a perfect time to ensure not only your CV is the best it can be, but also your digital presence is a mix of professional (LinkedIn) and matches your CV, your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Ensuring they are locked down and only show what you are comfortable with anyone seeing.

Ask yourself this...

“Am I comfortable with a potential employer/recruiter looking at my social media - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and LinkedIn?" If the answer is "no", then it sounds like there is work to be done!

It’s so important to ensure your personal status, blogs, vlogs and pictures are private and not public. Does a future employer/recruiter need to hear about your political views, social life, how you motivated yourself to get out of bed that day, pictures of your latest party antics or your lockdown eating and drinking habits…? Also, carefully consider what you choose to be your public profile picture. People shouldn’t but they can (and do!) make very fast judgements. Your digital presence is your PERSONAL BRAND, create and display it wisely.

Julie's Three Top Tips

1) Google Yourself

Are you comfortable with this this information and does it support your professional brand?

Set up a free Google Alert for your name to ensure you know what is being published about you.

2) Privacy Settings

Make changes to your privacy settings across all your profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and check them!

Facebook have a handy “View As” feature. Remember, the tone on each social media platform is different - for example: LinkedIn is a professional networking tool.

3) Check Forgotten Accounts

Check any inactive social media accounts, groups, blogs you may have forgotten about. Think hard, what did you used to use?

Ask your friends, more heads are better than one!


Good luck, you’ve got this! Before you next post on social media, reflect and think if it is going to help, create, promote you in the "right" way. Is it how you want to be perceived to land that dream job?

When you have your LinkedIn all completed, connect with me - I can’t wait to see you!

Julie Allan | Cameo Director

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