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The Importance of Learning

"What have you been doing with your spare time", will be one of the biggest and most used questions at interview stage in the future.

With so many people being placed on Furlough, there is a reason why training is still allowed to take place, even if work related tasks are not. Learning is essential to growth. Although long term studying is not for everyone, and we all learn in different ways, training to improve your skillset and knowledge is a vital part of progressing in your career - be interested in you!

If during this time of lockdown/furlough/redundancy you have chosen to spend all your time enjoying the sunshine, doing some gardening, home decorating, you are missing a trick. Yes, this spare time is a good opportunity to do some chores/tasks you don't have time to do when you're working, but it's important to also factor in personal development and investment in your learning. It shows you take your personal development seriously.

Just think, if you were at an interview now (this very second) how would you answer the question, "What have you been doing with your spare time?". If you could only reply with, "Well, I've finished another boxset" or "I have a freshly painted kitchen" or "Topping up my tan", your interview process will be cut short and you will have potentially written yourself out of a process.

There are so many online training courses which are available and FREE!  By keeping your skill set fresh and uptodate, you're putting yourself in the best position when you return to work, as you will be able to hit the ground running. Also, if you're job hunting, being able to demonstrate your commitment to learning with set you apart when interviewing for a new role. Even if you choose to complete training in an area which is not your profession, but is an interest/hobby of yours, it's still positive. Think of the transferable skills you're building and the conversation it will spark.

Open Learn offers over 900 free courses to choose from depending on sector an amount of spare time you have -

Alternatively, using the learning section of LinkedIn can boost your knowledge and profile which in the competitive market we are going in to could be hugely beneficial in getting yourself noticed -

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Good luck!

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