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Job Esteem Tips

"Job-esteem is defined as the level of respect and dignity an individual believes is associated with his/her job."

Our top three tips in protecting and building your self-esteem are:

1) Play to your strengths – no-one is expecting you to be great at everything, so instead of trying to achieve perfection (which is not possible), focus your time and attention on developing your strengths. Seek a role which makes the most of your strengths, your knowledge and skill set

2) Accept imperfection - perfection is not a possibility or a necessity. Instead, focus on doing your best. If a task doesn't go well, remember to learn from it and try to do better next time. As long as you're open to feedback, you learn and try again, you'll always be making progress

3) Accept disapproval - people will always disapprove of something you do - family, friends, employers, colleagues, even strangers! Instead of striving for their validation and sacrificing your own goals, strive to do what makes you more authentic, more confident and let your soul sing!

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