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3 Interview Tips

The most important part of a job process - the interview.

There are many different types of interviews, here are our top three tips to ace a video interview, a panel interview, a competency interview.

1) Video Interview - Make sure your device is reliable and charged! Have a quiet environment with a professional backdrop. You can also download a virtual background if you'd prefer. Sit still, look at the camera, don't let your eye wander around the room. If the microphones cross over and there is a period of muted silence, wait and pause until you can hear the interviewer.

2) Panel Interview - When there are a few interviewers in the room, make sure you introduce yourself to each person and thank each person for their time. Direct your eye contact to all parties, so they feel engaged. Also, project your answers and voice in the direction of all interviewers. Don't focus on one interviewer and forget the rest. Be inclusive - it will show confidence!

3) Competency Interview - Work through the job spec before your interview and highlight relatable experiences you have had throughout your career which are in line with the skills/duties required. Have three or four case studies ready to discuss further - remember, tell the story. With a competency interview it's important you are clear and detailed with your answers and you have listened effectively. "Give me an example of when..." questions need to have answers with a beginning, middle and end scenario. Be prepared and have a few in mind.

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