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Do you live up to your brand?

Why do so few staff feel their employer lives up to its brand? Aligned employees are more likely to remain at their... Read more

You're Not Wanted

“You’re not wanted”. What a teeth-clenching, bone shuddering statement of rejection. How would you feel if you were... Read more

What does "Who've you got on your books" mean?

“Who’ve you got on your books?”. If I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked this question, I’d be able to build a... Read more

Happy Birthday Cameo - We're 9 years old!

Happy Birthday Cameo - We're 9 years old! Read more

NMW Increase 2019

National Minimum Wage (NMW) has increased from 1st April 2019 from £7.83ph to £8.21ph (for workers aged 25 and... Read more