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Training Services

Tracy Filler

Mobile: +44 7917 224525
Tel: +44 1295 688854

"I've been using coaching techniques as part of my management style for many years; building peoples knowledge, accountability and achievements.

Coaching works on the premise the person being coached has the internal resources needed to find the right pathway to reach their desired goals and aims.

The coach's responsibility is facilitation, helping the coachee to work on their business - not immersed in it.

Feedback tells me that my style is to gently challenge thinking to refine and sometimes sanity check at a strategic and tactical level.

My coaching sessions drive results at a faster pace than one might achieve without this intervention. Again, I'm told it focuses the mind on what matters in the 'now' and clears the fog for robust business planning."

  • Business Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Programmes
  • In-house Projects & Programmes with Tracy Filler

Business Performance Coaching

It’s believed a typical business taps into just 40% of persons capability. Coaching can help unlock their full potential in the workplace and increase their motivation to use it!

  • Cultivating personal & professional development
  • Embed project & programme learning
  • Develop business strategy
  • Resolve current challenges
  • Team and Individual coaching

Leadership Programmes

Through our partnership with  SEVENTHWAVE®, we offer a business changing 6 Day Leadership Transformation Programme. Typically delivered across a 6-month period, we see clear evidence of positive change in leadership strategy, behaviours and outputs.

 SEVENTHWAVE® is training for any 'talent' in any industry. Focussed on behaviours and experience building. A good example is that a lot of young talented people are given additional responsibility including a team to look after because they are great at what they do but they have no leadership experience. We give them the tools and skills to be a great, productive leader and individual.

 SEVENTHWAVE® is a bespoke programme 6 one day workshops 4 to 6 weeks apart, built on our years of experience working with new managers recognising the challenges they face in that transition from “doing and delivering” a great result, to managing others to “do and deliver” a great result.

In-house Projects & Programmes with Tracy Filler

Delivery led by Tracy Filler and directly influenced by her extensive expertise, our projects and programmes follow extensive due-diligence, ensuring you spend your budget on key performance areas and drive results in alignment with your business strategy.  If you need a strategy, Tracy has helped many businesses develop their next steps.


  • Business process planning: recruitment & selection, onboarding, appraisals
  • Building competency frameworks; from business units to leadership teams
  • Design & implement professional development plans & performance processes


  • Leadership & management development
  • Sales team development
  • Account management & repeat business
  • Request Tracy Filler’s Biography or ask for chat with her on 01295 680800